Friday, October 4, 2013

Page 117

Giovanni Pisano

Time is something that often does not feel like it moves or progresses. Time should equal God but often seems not to equal empathy. There are people who want to travel on a journey to the heights and then people who only stand still. One wonders how life could be stimulating for them without any focus or way forwards. Happenings are often misconstrued as has been the case with philosophy from the beginning. Always people appear to disagree with one another and often some concepts are so unchallenged that wars and certain death have been the result. You would feel by now that we could possibly have progressed to an understanding for God but certain ideas challenge your notion of being and stand still. Therefore the time it takes for a revolution in the general thinking of man to take place some physical ideas have disappeared and we seem to have to start all over again with empathy. You would imagine this to just be an equation of the love felt in certain peoples hearts but often this love appears to dissipate. Gods will must be to reevaluate time so as to go on.
Time also equals stardust for those blessed.

Embroidering the Constellations
by Nicole Page-Smith