Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Angels by the sea

Music: Schubert
Die schone Mullerin Op.25, D795
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau/Gerald Moore

Der Muller und der Bach
(The Miller and the Stream)
The Miller:
When a true heart 
dies of love,
then lilies wither
in every border.

Into the clouds must
the full moon go
so that its tears
men do not see.

Then angels keep 
their eyes shut,
and sob and sing 
the soul to rest!

The Stream:
And when love
conquers pain
a new star
twinkles in the sky.

Then three roses spring
half red and half white,
and never wither
on the sprig of thorn.

And the Angels cut
off their wings
and go every morning
down to earth.

The Miller:
Ah stream, dear stream,
you mean it so well;
but do you know, stream,
what love does?

Ah down below, below
is cool rest!
Ah stream, dear stream,
sing on then.
Wilhelm Muller